LEAN Construction

July 3, 2018

Example of LEAN Pull Planning Session for a Center for Health Renovation & Addition project. 


What is Pull Planning?
Pull planning is a lean construction practice in which every key stakeholder on a project collaboratively starts with the end goal and works backwards milestone by milestone toward the start date. Pull planning is different from any other lean construction technique because it not only works backward, but also requires a high degree of collaboration that is unique from any other method. By utilizing all key players in the construction project, everyone’s expertise is meshed together into one cohesive group, working as one to identify potential problems and cut down on unnecessary time spent.

Pull planning is usually visualized using a hand-written timeline and color-coded sticky notes denoting each specific task. These sticky notes then start to fill up the timeline, allowing all stakeholders to visualize the order and dependencies of tasks and identify possible overlap that may cause delays.