At P.J. Hoerr we have a wide breadth of experience on projects of all sizes and complexities where our services have been provided from the inception of the design process. Our early involvement has aided in the timely, on-budget completion of these projects. This, and our successful track record are sure to enhance your project.

Constructing Creatively Through These Services, Methods & Processes:

Construction Manager

Delivery System

As a Construction Manager, P.J. Hoerr can provide overall management of the Project with the work either entirely or partially subcontracted.  These services typically begin during design. We work proactively with both the design team and Owner to ensure a successful result. Commercial Construction…


Delivery System

Single source responsibility is the name of the game in design/build construction.  In this arrangement, P.J. Hoerr is responsible for not only the construction but also the project design.  P.J. Hoerr teams with architects and engineers experienced in each type of project to develop the best…

General Contractor

Delivery System

We can also serve your needs as a General Contractor. In this capacity, we manage all of the subcontractors as well as performing much of the actual work with our own forces and affiliates…concrete, carpentry, steel, masonry, and millwork/cabinetry. This hands-on expertise provides enhanced quality…

Pre-Construction Services

Due Diligence

When an Owner embarks on any construction project, there are always many questions such as total cost, schedule, layout, aesthetics, materials and size. Pre-construction is the design and planning period in the life of a construction project. P.J. Hoerr would prefer to always be a part of this process.…

Bidding Approach

Getting Started

On almost all building projects, specialized subcontractors perform much of the work. As a construction manager and design/builder, P.J. Hoerr works hard to make sure the Owner gets multiple, competitive bids from the best subcontractors in all aspects of a project.

Construction Services


We bring more than 100 years of comprehensive construction services experience, and our consistent quality craftsmanship and trustworthy partnership differentiates us as one of Central Illinois' most trusted construction partners.   Our construction services take you from collaborative planning…

Post Construction Services


We work hard to maintain solid client relationships beyond owner-occupancy, and know that creating a building is an ongoing project that doesn’t just end when construction is complete.   Our team will continue to provide knowledgeable leadership and support throughout the post construction…

Disaster Recovery, Restoration and Protection

Bouncing Back

When disaster strikes....tornado, wind damage, snow damage, flooding or fire, your business and personal world is suddenly turned upside down. A thousand details and emotions overwhelm you. What will happen to my people? Will I lose them while we try to get back into operation? How do I deal with cleanup…

Building Envelope

Constructing Excellence

As far as we are aware, P.J. Hoerr is the only local construction firm that employs a full-time Quality Control Superintendent (QCS) to oversee the quality of the work that goes into each of our projects, especially the building envelope. We subject each project to a multi-page checklist review…

We are Certified Health Care Constructors

Why Working with a CHC Brings Peace of Mind

P.J. Hoerr is proud to have three Certified Health Care Constructors on our team. Health Care construction projects present unique challenges to builders. Whether it is the design phase or the actual construction phase, CHC professionals bring a distinctive knowledge set that helps guide the project…

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Delivering Project Insight

P.J. Hoerr has made significant investments in training, software and hardware to provide complete building information modeling and clash detection on our projects. We have the ability to develop a BIM Execution Plan for the project and manage all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors…

LEAN Construction

Running LEAN

LEAN construction methods seek to reduce the waste involved and the time required in all construction projects and borrows heavily from LEAN manufacturing methods. These techniques include a more collaborative process with all participants that results in reduced project costs and a shorter time to…

Historical Building Restoration

Building Back

P.J. Hoerr has a wealth of experience in renovating, remodeling, and repairing old and historical buildings.       View these Projects: Crawford Murphy & Tilly, Inc. - Peoria, IL Murray Place - Peoria, IL Knox College Beta Theta Pi - Galesburg, IL Knox College Alumni Hall - Galesburg,…

Services to Local Charitable Organizations

Giving Back

A large part of P.J. Hoerr’s business involves the construction of facilities for many local non-profit organizations such as churches, hospitals, nursing homes, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, Childrens Home, OSF Children’s Hospital, Wildlife Prairie Park, Midwest…

Butler Building Systems

We Build Butler

Congratulations to our team on receiving Butler's New Builder of the Year honors! Representing P.J. Hoerr, Inc. second from left; Mike Waibel, Paul Bright, Joe Hart, Craig Smith & Kirk Anderson. Butler Building System's New Builder of the Year:      …


LEEDing The Way

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building, community and home project types, LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification…


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