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As far as we are aware, P.J. Hoerr is the only local construction firm that employs a full-time Quality Control Superintendent (QCS) to oversee the quality of the work that goes into each of our projects, especially the building envelope. We subject each project to a multi-page checklist review during the design stage and then perform numerous on-site inspections of the work in-progress. Before construction starts we review important details with our subcontractors and hold detail meetings prior to the start of critical items such as the windows, roofing and cladding.


Preconstruction Quality
P.J. Hoerr staff will attend all design meetings to discuss the project details and plans. In these meetings we will provide input on constructability and the best quality equipment, materials and methods. When the drawings have reached the design development stage, our QCS will perform a complete and detailed review of the building envelope following a proprietary checklist that we have developed over many years. The results of this review will be shared with the designers with recommendations and suggested details. In addition, we will discuss the project with different trade subcontractors to obtain their input on the best quality equipment, materials and methods.


At our pre-award meetings with subcontractors we will discuss our quality expectations for their work and write these into their subcontracts.


The Quality Control Specialist will develop details for and construct any required mockups. The mockups will be used to develop quality details and workmanship expectations besides their use for color and aesthetic coordination. In addition, our QCS will visit the site during critical building envelope construction to assure that the details previously developed are scrupulously constructed. He will then set up spray racks and water test various elements of the building envelope (windows, flashings, roof details, and mechanical equipment) to check for leaks. Near the end of the project, our QCS will perform a pre-punch list inspection to look for quality issues. Along with Owner training on specific equipment, complete Operation and Maintenance manuals will be prepared and provided to the Owners upon construction completion.


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