We are Certified Health Care Constructors

Why Working with a CHC Brings Peace of Mind

P.J. Hoerr is proud to have three Certified Health Care Constructors on our team.

Health Care construction projects present unique challenges to builders. Whether it is the design phase or the actual construction phase, CHC professionals bring a distinctive knowledge set that helps guide the project to a successful conclusion. Certified Health Care Constructors understand the organization of health care businesses and are familiar with the regulations and guidelines for health care construction environments. They offer insight that ensures builders complete projects without leaving their clients open to current or future liability.

Certified Health Care conSTRUCTORs in Illinois


Andy McCoy, Project Manager

Scott Rinkenberger, Vice President

Val Ramirez, Project Manager



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When business owners make the decision to work with a CHC professional, they receive peace of mind that their project will proceed smoothly and meet the demands of the health care facility when it is completed. CHC professionals are well aware of the impact that renovation and modernization projects can have on patient safety. This includes, but is not limited to, the impact health care construction projects have on existing infection control, fire safety, utility interruption planning and mitigation, and workplace safety.


Health Care construction projects present a unique set of challenges for any builder, but with a CHC professional on the team, these factors can be mitigated and a project completed without concern for the safety of the health care facility and its occupants.


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