Disaster Recovery, Restoration and Protection

Bouncing Back

When disaster strikes....tornado, wind damage, snow damage, flooding or fire, your business and personal world is suddenly turned upside down. A thousand details and emotions overwhelm you.

What will happen to my people? Will I lose them while we try to get back into operation?

How do I deal with cleanup or restoration?

How do I deal with my insurance company?

At a time like this, you need a partner who can take many of the rebuilding or restoration details and management off your plate so that you can focus on your clients, your people and your core business. You need a partner who is committed to rebuilding and/or restoring your infrastructure and getting you and your people back to work on an initial temporary basis and ultimately fully restored basis as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.


Before reconstruction can begin there is considerable work and coordination that needs to take place with your insurance provider. We have worked with the insurance representatives of companies on numerous disaster projects. We understand what information they need immediately to begin the removal process and what they ultimately need to facilitate the final construction. We have the in-house resources to provide detailed estimates in a timely manner and the field, hands on expertise and resources to commence clean up, demolition and rebuilding work immediately.


We are proficient with the Xactimate system utilized by most insurance companies and can work proactively to get the replacement value estimate as well as the new construction estimate determined in order to allow reconstruction to commence as speedily as possible. We understand that the insurance company will only give you replacement value and we have had great success in finding additional value not included in insurance company replacement cost estimates.

We can help you navigate the nuances of destroyed inventory determination and business continuation costs and coverages.


We can work with you in bringing expertise to bear in restoring your digital infrastructure. If your existing damaged building is determined capable of restoration we can provide temporary protections and enclosures that can allow you to continue operations while the restoration takes place. This takes place all while insuring that any operational or health aftermaths of the damage are mitigated to maintain ultimate facility integrity and safety.

Tornado Shelter Example:

disaster protection and prevention for businesses: example of tornado shelter



It is somewhat of a cliché, but you inherently know it to be true. Your people are indeed your most valued and irreplaceable asset. At P. J. Hoerr, we can work with you to provide protection for that asset in the event of a tornado. We can create hardened, safe-haven spaces within the bathrooms or other parts of your facility where practical. Or we can install reliable underground spaces outdoors that are easily accessible for your people when necessary.

You need a reliable partner in your time of need.

Let P. J. Hoerr be there for you if or when that need arises.

Hopefully your business and your people will never have to experience the aftermath of a storm, fire, roof collapse or flood. But if you ever do, you'll want someone along side you that can make that experience as painless and seamless as possible. Someone with the hands-on resources, experience, personnel and expertise to restore you with a sense of urgency so that you can get back to doing what you do best: running your business, serving your clients and providing for your people.

Our slogan of Construction with Creativity means the most FOR you when it means the most TO you.

Some past clients P.J. Hoerr partnered with to Recover/Restore/Protect


Midwest Fiber Recycling

Parsons Company

IVP Plastics Manufacturing Facility

Uftring Chevrolet Washington Rebuild


Snow Damage:

Snow damage repair for commercial buildings

Fire Damage:

Restoration for fire damaged buildings

Water Damage:

Renovation for water damaged commercial buildings