Parsons Company

Roanoke, IL

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Construction 

This 258,000 sq ft building features 8” thick reinforced concrete foundation/linear walls that reach to 7’-4” above the finish floor. These walls were specially formed with gang forms, custom built by P.J. Hoerr. The building is a pre-engineered metal building and has a 20ft. eave height, 25 ft. bays and 60 ft-70 ft- 60 ft spans. The frame was designed for a 15 ton top running crane and a 16 ton underhung crane. Also included were truck docks, dock levelers, and truck seals.


P.J. Hoerr had completed multiple manufacturing additions prior to this project. On July 13, 2004 an F4 tornado leveled the existing facility and fortunately 150 employees who were in the storm shelters survived. P.J. Hoerr completed the re-construction in 6 months.

Disaster Restoration & Protection Services

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