Ideal Concrete Block - Vintage Ad

October 7, 2019

Thanks to Local History Collection: Peoria Public Library  for passing along this old newspaper ad for Ideal Concrete Block Mfg. Co.  This was P.J. Hoerr's original name.  In 1914 Philipp J. Hoerr took over personal management of Ideal Concrete Block from his father Chris Hoerr.  The original plant/gravel pit was located in the East Bluff at the corner of Glen Oak Ave. and Nebraska Ave. in Peoria, IL.

In 1921 Mr. Hoerr moved operations to the East end of Wagon Bridge in East Peoria, IL. This is the current site of the East Peoria Steak 'n Shake Restaurant.

The History of P.J. Hoerr

Unfortunately the Roto picture section the ad is referencing was not microfilmed.


This old ad mentions rotogravure - Rotogravure printing is a system of printing based on the transfer of fluid ink from depressions in a printing plate to the paper. It is an intaglio process, so-called because the design to be printed is etched or engraved below the surface of the printing plate. At the start of the gravure printing process, the plate is covered with ink and the surface is then wiped clean. When paper is pressed against the inked plate, the paper penetrates the sunken parts slightly and draws out the ink.