Roosevelt Magnet School - Peoria, IL | Renovations

May 14, 2020

Extensive work is under way to renovate this school that was built in 1932. On the 3rd floor the old cafeteria is being tranformed into 3 classrooms. On the first floor the fine arts wing will become the new cafeteria and a few classrooms will be transformed into the new fine arts wing. Also underway plumbing, electrical and MEP upgrades are being performed through out the entire building.


History of the school:

In September of 1932, when the country was engulfed in the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt was campaigning for President, a new school opened in Peoria, Illinois. Built on the edge of swampy lowlands known as Goose Lake, the school was named after the other great Roosevelt of the century, Theodore. The school currently lies in the middle of a natural amphitheatre, with hills rising on two sides.

It opened its doors to 1, 100 eighth and ninth graders, from the South side, the West Bluff, all of Bartonville and as far west as Hanna City. The students, most of whom had attended turn-of-the-century grade schools, must have been surprised at the citys first real junior high.

Designed as a transition from grade to high school, Roosevelt was the envy of most high school students. It boasted a 2,000 capacity gymnasium, 1, 200 seat auditorium and specially equipped rooms for wood shop, home economics, science, music and art. Even the architects were so impressed that the school won an international award for its beauty and utility.

Fast-forward to 1969, Roosevelt Junior High School is in its last year as a Junior High. Through these hallways have passed generations of educators, politicians, entrepreneurs, war veterans, physicians, attorneys, stay-at-home moms, athletes, scientists, musicians and the list is endless.

Today, Roosevelt Magnet School for the Fine Arts boasts a proud tradition of rich history and school pride. We are Rough-Rider Proud!


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