Mattie Ford - United States Marine Corps Recruit

July 28, 2022

Mattie Ford is currently working for P.J. Hoerr as summer help in the shop.  She will be shipping out in August to Paris Island in South Carolina for basic training to become a US Marine.  She started working for P.J. Hoerr after graduation working on misc. jobs that include landscaping, cleaning/organizing the shop and yard, loading/unloading trucks, detailing company trucks and anything else they needed help with out there. 


To help prepare for basic training, Mattie attends PT (physical training) twice a week with her recruiter and other poolees where they work on team work exercises and working out as if they were already in boot camp.


In the first week of basic Mattie will have to pass the IST (initial strength test), to determine whether she stays or goes home. Through basic she will be trained and prepared for the Crucible which will be the last test to graduate and become a US Marine. This will include a 54-hour hike up a mountain with very little food and sleep.  Once she passes this, she will be called a US Marine for the first time. 


P. J. Hoerr is proud of what Mattie has accomplished already and wishes her all the best as she continues this journey to serve our country!  A company luncheon was held yesterday afternoon as a send off for Mattie.