In Progress:

July 2, 2024

Here's a few things we've been working on! (in order based on photos)


First we're showing Young Minds Clinic, an affiliate of Carle Health. Young Minds was a complete rennovation of a nursing home building, now turned to a Pediatric Mental Health Facility for young people in the Peoria Area. Unique design pieces were used in the rennovation, but we'll have to show you those later! The builing is getting close to ready and will soon be able to serve the Peoria Community. Get excited, ribbon cutting ceremony to come! (photo 1)


Norwood Grade School is this next project shown that's only just begun it's work (photos 2-3). PJ is a part of their edition and interior rennovation that includes, an updated kitchen and cafeteria, a brand new band and music facility, rennovated teacher's lounge, office spaces, and efficent storage rooms. Aside from interior work, a new playground will be placed, along with an updated storm sewer and sanitary system for improved water detention. A focal point in the schools rennovation was the implementation of ADA accessiblilty, the North East entrance will feature a handicap accessible ramp.


The last 4 photos you'll see are from the Lexington High School addition. There are serveral moving parts to this job making it a very detailed and tideous project. PJ is working to transform the property that has not undergone rennovations since the 1980s. The building will feature fresh new spaces that are specifically dedicated to harnessing the student's creativity. Art and band rooms with state of the art supplies will be part of the new addition. There's an updated gym in progress, as well as more efficient heating and cooling systems. Lexington High School also wants to invest in the hands on learning experiences for their students. Promoting trade work and offering courses that directly relate to the trades grant students  more opportunities and options as they make deicisons towards their future. 


We work hard to do a beyond satisfactory job for everyone on board with our proejcts. Bringing the vision to life is what we specialize in and we hope to continue to do so for years to come. Check back in for more updates as these projects progress!