Advocate BroMenn Health and Fitness Center

Bloomington, IL

100,000 Sq Ft. Healthcare Construction in Bloomington, IL

P.J. Hoerr was awarded this $24 million, 105,000 square foot state-of-the-art health and wellness facility located in Bloomington, IL. Advocate BroMenn's Health and Fitness Center (formerly The Center for Integrated Wellness) brings customized care, connected medical services, preventative health programs and sports performance training to Central Illinois. The center consists of a medically-based fitness center, a sports performance institute, an imaging center, an orthopedic center, physician offices and a community education area. The facility also includes cardiovascular equipment, group exercise studios, an aquatics area, free weights and locker rooms.  Signet Enterprises a real estate development and construction management company financed the project.


Under new ownership -


Location: Across Route 9 from Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington, IL (Map)

Press About this Project: McLean County Orthopedics article, Health Cells Magazine: Investing in the Future of McLean County Orthopedics

Training and Performance Center (TPC)

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The Challenge

Bring a medically based fitness center, orthopedics and sports performance under one roof.

Construct a new, world-class facility that offers patients comprehensive and efficient orthopedic care, including physical and occupational therapy and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) all under one roof.

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The Process

Partners in this exciting innovative project were Advocate BroMenn, McLean County Orthopedics (MCO), Training and Performance Center (TPC) and Signet Enterprises, a real estate development and construction management company that financed the project.

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The Result

The center includes Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center, which is 40 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, weight machines, free weights and multi-muscle cable machines. Adjoining the exercise center are a lap pool, hot tub and hydrotherapy pool for water therapy, and rooms for community education, cooking demonstrations and health screenings. Training and Performance Center (TPC) is a science-based sports performance institute with physician oversight for athletes from age 7 through adulthood. The McLean County Orthopedics (MCO) side includes physician offices, a therapy gym, exam rooms and an open MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine.