OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Sterile Processing Department Addition and Renovation

Peoria, IL

Due to a large addition to the existing medical center, additional sterile processing space was needed to keep up with the future surgery work load requirements. Extremely detailed planning was conducted to insure the current SPD could remain in operation at all times. The building addition was very complex as it was located above and below existing hospital spaces. Detailed infection control and safety procedures were established to insure hospital standards and patient safety was maintained. The renovation portion of the project was broken up into four separate phases.

This renovation included a complete demolition and reconstruction. During each of the phases, all sterile processing functions were in operation. Also, the infection control risk assessments were constantly reviewed and updated due to the changing phases and work tasks outside of the construction space. The project also included the addition of two elevators within the existing hospital. This required excavation and foundation work, which necessitated specific temporary barriers and separation from occupied hospital areas.